Recommended meat Bar SHOUTAIAN

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King's Yukhoe1,980yen

King's Yukhoe

A superb new sensation yukhoe made by slicing low-temperature cooked Japanese black beef.

Marbled Steak2,530yen

Marbled Steak

Please enjoy juicy fat and sweetness of the meatunique to A5 ranked Kuroge Wagyu beef.

Specialty! Drinkable Hamburger1,628yen

Specialty! Drinkable Hamburger

You can choose from 6 sources without changing the price!

Wagyu Beef Cutlet2,178yen

Wagyu Beef Cutlet

Homemade special roast beef which has moist and soft texture by trapping the taste inside meat.

Grilled Wagyu Beef with Saikyo Miso Marinade2,178yen

Grilled Wagyu Beef with Saikyo Miso Marinade

A popular dish of Japanese black beef that has been savoryly baked with Saikyo miso.

Wagyu Beef Aburi Nigiri Sushi(one sushi piece)418yen

Wagyu Beef Aburi Nigiri Sushi

It is a popular meat sushi made with vinegared rice, which is also ideal for 〆.