The rice we use is "Nanatsuboshi" from Hokkaido.

All served with salad and soup.

Drinkable hamburg steak1,400yen

Drinkable hamburg steak

You can choose the sauce from grated ponzu sauce, demiglace, cheese demiglace, hot balls of homemade smoked soy sauce, and Leeds of homemade smoked soy sauce.

Wagyu Beef Aburi Tekka-don1,580yen

Wagyu Beef Aburi Tekka-don

Slowly cooked Japanese black beef into an iron bowl. Serve with vinegared rice.

Wagyu Beef Aburi Yukhoe1,580yen

Wagyu Beef Aburi Yukhoe

Special menu of Wagyu lean Yukhoe slightly grilled width tasty sause, which you cannot help eating the rice!

Home-made Roast Beef1,580yen

Home-made Roast Beef

Delicately cooked at low temperature to condense umami inside it. Unbelievable Tasty!